Discipline, confidence, focus, and self defense are just a few of the things my child has gained. He continues to grow every class becoming aware and enlightened. Lessons that can be used on and off the mat everyday. A must try for any parent considering a karate school. You will be amazed by Mr. H and how he will transform your child.

Andrea Mason 2016

***********************Mr.H is a great teacher, and a great man. I have watched him do great things for my son. If your looking for a great place with old school style, look no further.

~ Ray Parmiter 2016


Mr. H is an amazing instructor! My son and I are here as much as possible because of the vast amount of knowledge you gain here. Mr. H is very good at getting the physics for defense into your head to make everything he teaches useful right away so when you leave his class your that much more prepared. It's not about climbing the belt ladder here. It's real world first, status second. This is why I would recommend this school to everyone!

~ Ziggy Lukins 2016


We discovered RMKA at a local festival shortly after we moved to Colorado from Alaska in 2006. My then 6 year-old son and wife started taking lessons with Mr. H, followed by myself the next year. Since that time, unfortunately, my wife and I have had to discontinue our training due to pre-existing injuries - but our son continues to take lessons enthusiastically. In fact, he frequently takes multiple classes in a row because he enjoys it so much, and we are very pleased with the attitude of commitment and determination that our son has developed. We live a fair distance from RMKA; therefore, due to the cost of fuel and occasional time restraints, I recently brought up the idea to our son about taking classes at a martial arts school closer to home; however, he firmly stated that he did not want to go to a different school… a true sign of dedication that can not be bought. I recommend RMKA, and continually volunteer my time during various other activities to help recruit new students. I would not do this if I did not believe that Mr. H conducts a program with positive beliefs that delivers solid results.

DeWayne Pratt
Senior Engineering Consultant


I started my then 5-year-old son at RMKA and ended up joining myself. I was intrigued by the techniques and skills that he was learning and wanted to try and get back into shape after having my twins. Now a year and a half later I have lost 15 lbs and feel stronger and better than I ever have. I am 43 years old and have never had any martial arts training before. I really enjoy learning the traditional Tae Kwon Do forms, kicks and punches, as well as many different types of practical self defense skills. Mr. Hilsabeck is tough, but fair. He really wants his students to learn the right way to do things, and works with your skills and athletic ability to teach the best techniques possible. I constantly recommend RMKA to all my friends and colleagues, and can’t wait until my twins are old enough to start training.

Rita Agarwal MD, FAAP
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
The Children’s Hospital, Denver


I discovered Rocky Mountain Karate Assn. when my 4 year old daughter expressed an interest in taking karate lessons. We tried several schools and were most impressed with RMKA. As her training progressed I became more interested in martial arts and decided to give it a try myself. Never having been an athletic person, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Martial arts training has been very beneficial in my life. It is a healthy and fun activity that my daughter and I can do together, and allows for us to participate in a sport without pressure to compete. I've gained discipline both mentally and physically, and I am proud of what I've accomplished. My daughter just turned 6 and she is still excited about her training. She too, has gained a sense of accomplishment through karate. She also enjoys the friendships she's built. RMKA has a strong "family" feel to it, and I've built a network of friends and acquaintances throughout my training.
If you are thinking about starting martial arts training, or continuing previous training I definitely recommend RMKA.

Keri Connolly
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care